The MIT Geonumerics group is dedicated to the development and implementation of next generation numerical simulator technologies and algorithms as they apply to problems in geoscience, particularly those involving permeable rock and complex multi-phase fluid flows. Therefore, the MIT GeoNumerics Group has had extensive experience in handling the ingestion of massive amounts of data, producing highly accurate multi-phase fluid flow simulations, and generating specific full field scale models. Collectively, these methodologies and capabilities highlight what MIT does best - aggregate, evaluate, estimate, interpolate, and visualize "Big Data" with unparalleled accuracy.

The MIT GeoNumerics Group is part of the MIT GeoSpatial Data Center, which consists of the MIT Auto-ID Laboratory (including the MIT Geonumerics Group, et al), MIT Center for Grid Computing, and MIT Intelligent Engineering Systems Laboratory. The collection in this community is a subset of "The Big Data Problem".

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