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    • Comprehensive Java Metadata Tracking for Attack Detection and Repair ?

      Perkins, Jeff; Eikenberry, Jordan; Coglio, Alessandro; Rinard, Martin (2019-11-19)
      We present ClearTrack, a system that tracks 32 bits of metadata for each primitive value in Java programs to detect and nullify a range of vulnerabilities such as integer overflow and underflow vulnerabilities, SQL injection ...
    • Precise and Comprehensive Provenance Tracking for Android Devices ?

      Gordon, Michael; Eikenberry, Jordan; Eden, Anthony; Perkins, Jeff; Rinard, Martin (2019-11-19)
      Detailed information about the paths that data take through a system is invaluable for understanding sources and behaviors of complex exfiltration malware. We present a new system, ClearScope, that tracks, at the level of ...
    • Faster Dynamic Controllability Checking in Temporal Networks with Integer Bounds ?

      Bhargava, Nikhil; Williams, Brian C. (International Joint Conference in Artificial Intelligence, 2019-08)
      Simple Temporal Networks with Uncertainty (STNUs) provide a useful formalism with which to reason about events and the temporal constraints that apply to them. STNUs are in particular notable because they facilitate reasoning ...