Recent Submissions

  • Complex System Classification ?

    Magee, Christopher; de Weck, Olivier (International Council On Systems Engineering (INCOSE), 2004-07-24)
    The use of terms such as “Engineering Systems”, “System of systems” and others have been coming into greater use over the past decade to denote systems of importance but with implied higher complexity than for the term ...
  • Architecting and Innovating ?

    Campbell, Ronald B. Jr. (2004-04-14)
    Innovating is essential to sustained industrial growth and profitability. But experience amply demonstrates how difficult innovation is, especially for large companies. The synthesis of valued offerings by aligning customer ...
  • Establishing Quantitative Economic Value for Features and Functionality of New Products and New Services (CHAPTER N) ?

    Otto, Kevin; Tang, Victor; Seering, Warren (PDMA Toolbook II, 2003-09-13)
    This chapter has two key themes: (1) a list of customer needs is interesting, but insufficient for many development decisions, (2) establishing a quantified, dollar value for each requirement is more helpful. To that end, ...

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