CIPD has researched not only the development of technical tools, but also the social, organizational, and competitive context within which PD occurs.

Real people in real organizations act in their own best interests. Effective organizations harness this self-interest with incentives that benefit both the individual and the organization. In the services marketplace that we envision, incentives will cross the internal boundaries of the organization to reach the virtual enterprises beyond it.

Recent Submissions

  • Putting Patents in Context:Exploring Knowledge Transfer from MIT ?

    Agrawal, Ajay; Henderson, Rebecca (2001-08-09)
    In this paper we explore the degree to which patents are representative of the magnitude, direction, and impact of the knowledge spilling out of the university by focusing on MIT, and in particular on the departments of ...
  • Metrics Thermostat ?

    Hauser, John (2001-07)
    The explosion of information and information technology has led many firms to evolve a dispersed product development process with people and organizations spread throughout the world. To coordinate such dispersed processes ...
  • Untangling the Origins of Competitive Advantage ?

    Cockburn, Iain; Henderson, Rebecca; Stern, Scott (2000-03)
    What are the origins of competitive advantage? Although this question is fundamental to strategy research, it is one to which we lack a clear answer. As strategy researchers we believe that some firms consistently outperform ...