Recent Submissions

  • Urban Swarms: A new approach for autonomous waste management ?

    Alfeo, Antonio Luca; Castelló Ferrer, Eduardo; Lizarribar Carrillo, Yago; Grignard, Arnaud; Alonso Pastor, Luis; e.a. (ArXiv, 2018-10-18)
    Modern cities are growing ecosystems that face new challenges due to the increasing population demands. One of the many problems they face nowadays is waste management, which has become a pressing issue requiring new ...
  • Managing Byzantine Robots via Blockchain Technology in a Swarm Robotics Collective Decision Making Scenario ?

    Strobel, Volker; Castelló Ferrer, Eduardo; Dorigo, Marco (2018-05-25)
    While swarm robotics systems are often claimed to be highly fault-tolerant, so far research has limited its attention to safe laboratory settings and has virtually ignored security issues in the presence of Byzantine ...
  • RoboChain: A Secure Data-Sharing Framework for Human-Robot Interaction ?

    Castelló Ferrer, Eduardo; Rudovic, Ognjen (Oggi); Hardjono, Thomas; Pentland, Alexander (Sandy) (2018-02-14)
    Robots have potential to revolutionize the way we interact with the world around us. One of their largest potentials is in the domain of mobile health where they can be used to facilitate clinical interventions. However, ...

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