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  • Closing the Food Access Gap in American Underserved Communities ?

    Taylor, Jamal; Baretto, Luiz Paulo Silva (2020-10-29)
    Malnutrition is a global issue that affects millions of people across the world. Malnutrition is not just the lack of food, but also consists of the overabundance of unhealthy food due to a lack of healthy food. This ...
  • Mirroring payment terms and lead times ?

    Dale, Matthew J.M. Eng.Massachusetts Institute of Technology. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2020)
    In a simple representation of a supply chain, products flow from suppliers to customers, and currency flows from customers to suppliers. The period it takes a supplier to satisfy a customer order is called lead time. The ...
  • Intermittent demand forecasting for inventory control : the impact of temporal and cross-sectional aggregation ?

    Chau, Ngan Ngoc. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2020)
    Managing intermittent demand is a challenging operation in many industries since this type of demand is difficult to forecast. This challenge makes it hard to estimate inventory levels and thus affects service levels. The ...

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