Recent Submissions

  • A Scientific Investigation into Concrete Pavement Durability ?

    Pellenq, Roland; Bazant, Martin; Dufresne, Alice; Dupuis, Romain; Gregory, Jeremy; e.a. (MIT Concrete Sustainability Hub, Oregon State University, University of New Brunswick, 2021-01)
    Although concrete pavements offer many long-term performance benefits, there are still instances where premature degradation of pavements leads to unexpected and costly repairs. In addition to being a burden to transportation ...
  • Research Brief: Evolving the C-S-H Packing Density at the Microscale ?

    Petersen, Thomas; Ulm, Franz-Josef (2017-10-02)
    Cement paste is a complex multiphase material, roughly 50 percent of which, by volume, is composed of calcium-silicate-hydrates (C-S-H). The C-S-H phase, which lends the material its rigidity, appears to be a dispersion ...
  • How to Improve Pavement Life Cycle Cost Analysis: A Case Study of Minnesota ?

    Akbarian, Mehdi; Swei, Omar; Gregory, Jeremy; Kirchain, Randy (2017-06-26)
    Life cycle cost analysis (LCCA) frameworks are used by some transportation agencies for economic assessment, but there have been challenges implementing the approach, particularly in the characterization of initial and ...

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